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The 100 Million Mission

To empower 100 million people by making them financially responsible, educate
them about personal finance & encourage them to become long term investors.


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We are real nerds about investing and we started investing at the age of 17.

Stock Market crash 2020

However in 2020, while the whole world went into lockdown; there was one very interesting thing that happened- the Stock Market crashed.

Buying the dip?

It was the first time many of us witnessed a 40% dip in the market; some were devastated but a lot of young people saw it as an opportunity to buy quality stocks at a discounted price.

But wait, which stock to buy?

But the problem was most were first time investors- with absolutely no idea on how to even open a trading account. So we started helping our friends & family in navigating these challenges and start their investing journey.

Instagram, here we come!

And on 30th August, 2020 (also happens to be Warren Buffet’s birthday), Unfinance was founded by IIT Roorkee alumnus as an instagram page. From there on; we have not stopped and we do not intend to as we love working on this project every single day.

Welcome to the world, Unfinance app

We launched our mobile app in December 2020; we curate finance & business news in 60 words and summarise more than 120 articles each day.

Just the beginning

We have a mobile app, more than 250K people in our community, a small team of journalists, product designers & developers who loves what they are building and an unending passion to make India Financially independent.